Alkaline Water as tested in 2016. Has anything changed?

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This video was made by a friend of Alkaway in 2016.

As you will see, he is correcting a few assumptions made in an even earlier video that attracted 8 million views. He has also changed from electric water ionizer to the natural water ionizer, the UltraStream.

So what has changed?

For one thing, we now know that the UltraStream isn’t just a great alkaline water filter. It’s also one of the best systems available for producing molecular hydrogen, now the subject of over 1400 scientific studies over 140+ health conditions.

For another thing, we’ve now delivered over 12000 Ultrastreams all over the world

And for one more thing, we ‘ve recently incorporated NASA originated filtration technology that removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

(More at Molecular hydrogen Institute’s non-profit website)

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