Be kind to your skin. It’s the only one you’ve got!

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Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and an essential part of your immune system?

Furthermore, your skin literally “eats” much of what is applied to it and it is absorbed into your bloodstream and organs.

That’s why you want to be very conscious of what personal and skin care products you use. 

Most today contain a wide range of toxins you definitely don’t want!

These toxins an play havoc with your body and may make you MORE prone to disease and leave nasty side effects... like advanced aging and fatigue.

To avoid these challenges...

Check the labels. What’s in it?

Look very closely at the labels to make sure 95% or more of the ingredients are truly natural, and safe.

And hey! I hate to break it to you but ‘natural’ isn’t the same as ‘good’.
The fact is that some ‘natural’ ingredients can be allergenic or flat out toxic, especially when combined with other ingredients. And is that tested? Nah.’re shopping online and you can’t easily see the full list of ingredients for the product? Your safest step is to not buy it.

Still want organic? I get you. So do I if I have the choice.
But don’t fall for tactics that simply call itself natural or organic.

If it doesn’t have a certified seal by an independent organization with strict guidelines, then it’s highly likely not really organic.

USDA Certified Organic means that:

  • It contains at least 95% true organic ingredients
  • The other 5% of ingredients are on an approved safe list.
  • It is free of synthetic additives, including pesticides, chemical fertilizers, petrochemicals, and dyes.
  • No industrial solvents or irradiation were used during the manufacturing process.
  • It is free of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)

    And that hugely reduces the number of products you can find, and still doesn’t guarantee that those ‘natural’ ingredients are compatible with your skin.

Let’s go back to what we said earlier.
Your skin literally “eats” much of what is applied to it and it is absorbed into your bloodstream and organs. So here’s a simple question.

If, like me, you ascribe to the idea that your primal blueprint has never really changed, and therefore the body (and skin) you inhabit was designed for a chemical and toxin-free natural way of life thousands of years ago, then WHY are you feeding it with things that didn’t even exist those thousands of years ago?

So many recent scientific breakthroughs have demonstrated how our modern way of life, the ideas we’ve been sold on are absolutely opposite to our primal blueprint - what our body and skin has learned through lifetime after lifetime to accept as normal and healthy - healthy enough to have never changed over thousands of years!

The one thing exterior to our skin that has changed is our air and our water. No longer pure, it is continually dropped toxins on our skin which our skin absorbs.

We talk a lot here at AlkaWay about long-term toxicity, especially related to water.
The simple truth is that every day most of us bathe in carcinogenic chlorine-laden water means that every day our body has to fight its effects. And let’s not start on all the other ‘forever chemicals, as Erin Brockovich calls them!

We drink ultra-pure hydrogen-rich water for that simple reason - and we use a shower filter that removes chlorine and heavy metals for the same reason.

So.. having cleansed our skin back to palaeolithic purity WHY would we load it up with a smear of chemical mix that we haven’t had the time to explore as absolutely safe, absolutely removable.

Remember! Your skin EATS these products.

Today we have taken a different approach.

Knowing that most skin degradation happens as a result of free radical damage, we have used a simple device that clinical tests have demonstrated has the ability to supercharge Glutathione, our natural antioxidant, helping it to do what it loves; to neutralise free radicals before they begin ravaging our sensitive skin tissue.
The Q-Mist is a small, convenient nano sprayer that sprays a fine mist of molecular hydrogen-charged water directly onto the skin. H2 AKA Molecular hydrogen was described by hydrogen therapy pioneer Tyler LeBaron as ‘the source of life itself’.

Truly Natural Skin Care
So now we are spraying our skin with something so fine that it immediately penetrates the outer skin and reaches beyond the epidermis where the battleground against free radicals never stops. Your body, in its age old wisdom is doing its best, but today the artificial ways we’ve been told are good for the skin make it very, very difficult to do what it does best; neutralise free radicals, reduce inflammation, and grow skin that glows.. just like in the cosmetic ads!

Of course, our UltraStream hydrogen water certainly helps as well, and we are used to hearing our customers tell us about how their friends notice their clear skin and radiant energy. So drinking UltraStream water AND using the Q-Mist spray is a two-pronged support for your natural beauty to shine through.

Finally, may we suggest something a bit.. radical?

They lie. All the cosmetic makers lie.

They KNOW you can have glowing skin without using their products, but the fact that they can load $0.50 c of ingredients into a container and sell it for $50 is something they just can’t resist.

Q-Mist uses one ingredient; water, converting ordinary H2O into amazing hydrogen-rich water. Check it out now

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