Can Your Skin Really benefit from a Simple Spray of Hydrogen Water?

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Molecular Hydrogen and Your Skin?

It’s true that oral consumption of hydrogen water - and inhalation are the most common methods of accessing e benefits of hydrogen-rich water, but research is now revealing new and exciting ways to benefit. And one of these is using hydrogen water on our skin.

There are two ways to do this: One is a full bath in hydrogen-rich water. The other is a simple nanospray device that directs H2 water where you want it.

Research has, so far, concentrated on:

○  Skin conditions (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc)

○  Wound healing and burns

○  Aging and wrinkle formation

Inflammation: Skin Conditions

Common skin conditions (psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. ) are included in the general category of chronic inflammation. It means persistent, pathological inflammation, sometimes including an autoimmune component.

We’ve all heard of free radical damage to the skin, also known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). When our body - foe whatever reason, inflames, the result is the over-production of ROS . If you watch the cosmetic companies’ latest ads, you’ll see all manner of creams, lotions, sprays and foundations all claiming to reduce ROS.

Simply put....
chronic inflammation causes overproduction of free radicals, which in turn cause more inflammation, which means more free radicals, and so on.

In the last ten years we’ve seen 1400+ research studies demonstrating how molecular hydrogen works naturally to support the body’s own defences against free radicals (ROS).


A nasty and chronic inflammatory skin condition. It can also be found as a form of arthritis (psoriatic arthritis).
The sufferer has large, scaly plaques, often itchy and/or painful. It’s not only irritating, but also socially problematic.

A Tough Ailment

Many of the pharmaceutical options for treatment come with unpleasant side effects. A good friend of mine has suffered this for years.

Now, however, there may be hope, not in yet another cream, tablet or lnimenti but in water. Yes, water.. infused with molecular hydrogen.

A study published last year in the journal Scientific Reports, medical researchers looked at whether or not hydrogen water could make a difference.

Involving 74 subjects, (half given topical hydrogen water; the other half was treated with regular water as a control). The subjects received topical hydrogen twice a week.

The concentration of hydrogen water was very, very low.. just on part per billion in the water.

After 8 weeks the hydrogen group saw substantial reductions in visible plaquing and symptoms compared to the control.

25% of the hydrogen group saw up to 75% improvement in symptoms vs. just  2.9% in the control group.

We are not talking about a long period. Just 8 weeks of treatment
To get the same sort of result from the marketplace drugs and lotions can take up to 12 weeks, with side effects.

6 of the hydrogen subjects were able to get off their drugs altogether.

Body Mass Index also decreased in the patients receiving hydrogen therapy. The researchers were stumped as to why this happened, even though similar H2 studies showed the same effect.

Burns and Wounds

Research has also been quite intense in the area of the effects of molecular hydrogen on burns and wounds.

One study in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity examined how hydrogen water affectedoral wound healing in rats. In this case researchers used hydrogen water with a concentration of about 5-7 ppm.

We’ll let the pictures demonstrate what this looks like.

The left image One shows the initial injury. The centre image shows the control group which received no hydrogen after one week. The right image is the hydrogen treatment group after the same amount of time.


Differences in healing times between the two groups were obvious and substantial.

Inflammatory chemicals and markers of oxidative stress were also significantly lower in the hydrogen group vs. the control.

Scientists concluded that these extraordinary changes were initiated by hydrogen’s role as a selective NRF2 activator, and for hydrogen’s unique ability ability to support our body’s own glutathione's role in decrease of inflammatory cytokines and promotion of healing.

Hydrogen water also appears to have potential for helping to repair burn damage. As most people are aware, rapid response to burns is perhaps the most important factor in treatment.

Another study published in the journal Burns reported that hydrogen may alleviate inflammation and speed wound healing, even in cases of burns that received delayed treatment, (again due to activation of the NRF2 pathway).

This study supported the findings from another study that indicated hydrogen’s potential to prevent cellular apoptosis and reduce inflammation in severe burn models.

Finally, another pre-clinical trial published in the journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons freported that topical hydrogen prevents skin cell death during surgery involving large skin  incisions.

Skin: Aging and Wrinkles

Yes, we know it. Aging comes to us all, and perhaps genetics have already laid down our ‘karma’ to some degree.. making it, according to gerontologists, beyond fixing

This however, doesn’t mean that we can improve our genetically determined karma by caring for our skin, protecting it from UV, and helping out when we fail.

What does the science say?

In journal Plos One a study looking at human subjects reported that topical hydrogen mitigated UV induced redness and inflammation by over 20% compared to the control.

They also reported that hydrogen treatment prevented DNA damage AND stimulated collagen production.

Here’s what they said:
Molecular hydrogen “may prevent UV-induced skin inflammation and can modulate intrinsic skin aging and photoaging processes.”
This confirmed the findings from a large number of animal studies.

A smaller human trial found that 90 days of daily hydrogen baths significantly reduced wrinkles in 4 out of the 6 patients, while cellular analysis showed similar UV-protective effects, and promoted collagen formation.

It’s not just UV damage from the sun. Our skin also aged via our old friend, Reactive Oxygen Species as oxidative stress. If your skin is exposed to a harsh external environment for any extended period, skin cells experience some of the highest levels of oxidative stress in the body.

One study published in the journal Medical Gas Research reports their findings that hydrogen administered directly substantially lowered markers of oxidative stress in skin cells, and also prevented the formation of harmful chemical bonds that can accelerate the skin ageing process.

There’s more: A study looking at human subjects, published in the same journal, reported that hydrogen water:

○  Improved peripheral blood flow (reactive oxygen species cause red blood cells to gum together, clogging capillaries)

○  Improved skin moisture levels by 10%

○  Cleansed keratin plugs in skin pores 2 -5x as much as normal water (via inhibition of lipid peroxidation)

Concentration of hydrogen in this study was extremely low, about 1/10th of that produced by the Q-Mist spray system.
We’ve since learned that the higher the H2 concentration, the higher the effect.

More research is needed, but what is significant is that there are zero side effects reported in any of the studies. This is understandable because molecular hydrogen is so small that it easily passed into the body - and out again. It the unique ability to penetrate even the smallest human cee, and only ‘activates’ when it makes contact with a ROS, turning itself and the ROS into pure water.

Want to try it out?

Good things come in small packages.
We’ve done it for you!
We’ve been supplying the Q-Mist nanoparticle hydrogen spray for over a year and we’ve already had great stories from users. It’s small enough to slip into a handbag, it’s ultra-easy to use, it recharges by USB and sprays a cooling spray of H2 infused water direct to the affected area.

The Q-Mist hydrogen-rich water diffuser takes skincare to a new level. Infused in pure water with billions of nanodroplets of molecular hydrogen, your skin can now be revitalized like never before.

No oils, no chemicals, no long names you have to believe must be safe… just the smallest molecule in the universe: the building block of life itself. Molecular Hydrogen, delivered using Ultrasonic mist technology that vibrates over a sequence of 120,000 times per second, creating the finest nanoparticle for best skin absorption.

Here’s a few of our user’s responses:

I received the Q-Mist a bit over a week ago and I have been trying it twice a day on my head, face, and even my neck below the chin, I thought with the cold weather that it would be too cold to use it but it is a very refreshing and pleasant experience and I am sure I can already see some difference in my face with sagging skin and wrinkles.
The Q-Mist is Wonderful !!! I brought one for myself but my daughter kept taking it so I brought her one as a gift, she takes it everywhere, really hydrates skin. I found that using Q-Mist is really refreshing/hydrating for the skin. A big bonus for me, I no longer have to buy eye drops for dry eyes as the moisturising mist used once or twice a day over my eyelids, around my eyes and in my eyes works wonders:) Also a great wound cleanser.
I have purchased various of these wonderful Q-Mist’s everyone loves them and everyone uses them for different purposes with great results in all areas- dry eyes, scraps and wound cleansing, blocked nasal passages and of course for facial skin, it is so hydrating no need for facial creams while you have this wonderful item but if you do use facial creams at times , first mist your face until it feels slightly wet , wait 2 minutes and then apply facial cream and the difference in absorption is amasing as skin feels super plump and hydrated. Thank you AlkaWay team for lovely customer service, great products and fast delivery!
Love it! I get sore eyes and use it for that. Last week I walked into a grasstree and a blade went straight into my eye. Very painful! Three short blasts with the Q-Mist and my eye is perfect.

The Cost?

Given that you seldom get any change for $100 for a short term treatment option for the problems mentioned, AU $99 is very, very reasonable, given that you’ll be able to use it every day, it costs nothing to refill, and it’s backed by our full guarantee. and..
we also guarantee you’ll experience the Q-Mist dazzle. Pul it out and spray, and watch people take notice, asks what you are doing - and why you look so good!


Can I use aromatic oils in it?
No. Oils will block the ultrasonic jet. Remember, this isn’t a ‘feel’ good aroma product. This is a product designed to heal.

Does it have an SPE and PEM filter to ensure it doesn’t actually make chlorine?
The Q-Mist is not built with SPE/PEM electrodes. However, the power consumption to this unit is very small, there will hardly any chlorine be detected through the electrolysis process, and it’s not harmful to our skins.

How does it charge?
A USB charge inlet allows you to easily charge it.

How long will it operate until it needs a new charge?
We’ve tested it to 1.5 hours of operation.

How do I refill it?
Just twist the cap off, fill it with purified water, and replace the cap.

What are the bubbles I see when it runs?
These are molecular hydrogen being infused into the water.

Is it OK to carry it in my handbag or purse? Will it leak?
We’ve used it in all sorts of conditions daily and it has not leaked. Design and utility are excellent.

Are there scientific tests I can look at?

How long will it last?
The inventor has tested it to simulate 3 years’ operation.
It has a one year warranty.

What kind of water should I use with Q-Mist?
You can use any water with minerals including tap water. Do not use RO (Reverse Osmosis) water with Q-Mist because hydrogen cannot be generated without minerals in the water.

Why is my Q-Mist hard to slide down and switch on?
It is sometimes slippery when there are water stains left on the on/off button. Try drying the button and try again.


Model: WHM-1803
Water Tank Capacity: 16ml.
Dimensions: 42 x 22 x 122mm (L x W x H).
Weight: 2 Oz.

Build Materials

Body and water tank: Food Grade PC Plastic Rohs certified.
Platinum Titanium Electrode.


Nanoscale Ultrasonic Mist Technology.
Atomization amount: 0.8~1.2 ml/min.

Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen Concentration up to 800 ppb (Depends on Water Quality).
Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP): up to -400 mV  (Depends on Water Quality).
Working Time: 1.5 hours (continuous).

Power Information

Power Supply: DC5V
Battery Capacity: 500 mAh
Charging Time: 2.5 hours

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