Tests you Should Get If You Suspect You Have Osteoporosis

osteoporosis 1 min read

Dr Susan Brown is one of my Alkaline Balance Gurus.

We supply her excellent Acid-Alkaline Food Guide here and have done so for years.

My birthday last week (yes, I’m 75) reminded me that osteoporosis can manifest as all sorts of symptoms. I began alkalizing 21 years ago but too late to prevent mild osteo in my left hip. I spent a ton of $$ with an Osteopath trying to fix what I thought was a muscular problem until eventually, a CT scan revealed the truth.

My visits to the gym, my diet, and my daily walks make it a small inconvenience rather than the large one it can be if I don’t remain active.

Dr Brown recently published and very comprehensive post on what we can do to find out quickly about whether we have osteo or not. Given that it is hugely prevalent due to the diets we have, this is a post that I’d estimate relates to somewhere around 98% of people!

Click on the image to access her post.

And of course, when you come to the same conclusion that I came to so long ago about my need to counter the effects of my acidic lifestyle and diet, drop by at our website for all you can read and learn.