Green Smoothie: Getting Browned off with wasted time and cleanup? Me too!

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I enjoyed this post from a green smoothie

(Why does the word “anal”spring to mind?)

Our desire to avoid instant pain extends beyond our aversion to tasteless healthy food. Indeed, our food not only needs to be tasty; it also needs to be effortless.
This is a major challenge when it comes to my green smoothie. The process of chopping up vegetables, blending them, and cleaning up afterward is no fun whatsoever. I soon realized that expecting myself to repeat this process every couple of days was never going to happen.
So, I decided to explore economies of scale. First, I bought a large smoothie maker and some freezer containers. Then, like any good engineer, I proceeded to optimize the process. I bought enough ingredients for two months of green smoothies, chopped them all up, arranged them in six piles for easy blending, blended one after the other, stored the product in the freezer containers, and cleaned up.
Soon, I had this workflow optimized to the point that it took less than 40 minutes to make 2 months’ worth of green smoothies. In other words, each smoothie costs me about 40 seconds, which is a price my lazy instincts are willing to pay for lifelong health.

Again, this philosophy soon spread to the rest of my eating regimen. For breakfast, I optimized the workflow so I could combine 16 healthy and delicious ingredients in a mere 2 minutes. For lunch, I followed the same bulk-prep-and-freeze strategy as with the green drink, creating ultra-convenient daily hot lunches for a mere 5 minutes a pop. For dinner, I developed a solid system for reliable avocado ripening and learned a few simple alternative recipes for some variation.

Ok.. So.. as I mentioned before this quote, I sense a soul gone anal. Overthinking.

But.. he does remind me that from 6 am rising time to 8 am leaving for work time, there are only 120 minutes, and every minute becomes valuable.

For me, I love my mornings. I like gazing out the kitchen window at the mist rising from the paddock behind our home. I love checking in with cassie on what she dreamed last night. And yes, I love lingering too long in the luxury of a long hot shower. But alongside these simple pleasures is the nagging secondhand of the clock scolding me for my indulgences.

I totally agree with the writer about the value of an organic green smoothie in the mornings. It sets me up with a stash of phytonutrients and alkaline minerals to balance out my usually acidic lifestyle of daily stress and speed. But I’m sticking to my simple pleasures by creating my delicious smoothie from the powdered greens created by our inhouse naturopath, Erica. We call them Alkaway Greens (original, eh!) and they are the product we get the most repeat orders for, meaning people see the benefit in their 9and my) daily ritual of a scoop of Greens into water. Simple, Fast, and without all the hassle of vegie prep, storage and quality control.

Photographer: Alex Loup | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Alex Loup | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Alex Loup | Source: Unsplash

We’ve taken Organic Greens drink powder back to the basics of alkalizing, using powerful natural alkalizers. It contains specific herbs that act as nutritives: That is, herbs that increase your ability to absorb your Organic Greens.

It helps you absorb more of the nutrients from the foods that you already eat. Nettle and parsley are nutritive herbs. They increase the absorption of nutrients from our super Greens and other foods you eat.

And just like all greens powders, Organic Greens will help you alkalize… But it will also help you get the maximum benefit from every serve

We’ve reinvented the Greens formula. Better, Smarter and the Organic Greens tastes great! (Other greens powders taste like lawn clippings!).
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