Trauma, Inflammation and Oxidative Stress.

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In recent years we’ve learned that PTSD is an ‘epigenetic’ condition triggered by oxidative stress.

Yes, yes, I know...

And what in the world does that mean?

And what use is that information to me?

The key to Trauma release?
If PTSD is triggered by oxidative stress, then it simply makes sense that we should try to keep oxidative stress at a minimum.

So.. let’s break it down.

What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is excess oxygen radicals that cause damage to our cells and DNA.  Oxidative stress disrupts normal processes like energy production but also directly damages our DNA, causing it to lose its integrity (epigenetics).
In simple language, our body is oxidizing: burning up!

Oxidative stress isn’t something that we can feel.  We don’t even know it’s happening!  We just notice that things are getting harder and we seem to falter on our healing journey.

Oxidative stress plays a role in many conditions. Diabetes is one such example. But addressing oxidative stress is a critical step in reversing Trauma. Obviously the less oxidative stress, the less ability for trauma to affect our health!

An epigenetic condition isn’t something we are necessarily born with. It’s not genetic. It happens in response to daily life over a wide range of events, including diet, sleep patterns, life experiences, lack of exercise, or substances your body is exposed to.

All of these factors can trigger oxidative stress which causes damage to our DNA.

We can have oxidative stress as a result of:

  • Inflammation
  • Genetics which may be affecting one's detoxification system
  • Anxiety or overwhelm (Sympathetic and/or Freeze)
  • Biochemical Imbalances (methylation, high copper, pyrrole)
  • Brain Inflammation (prior head injuries anyone?)

There are common biochemical imbalances that cause BOTH changes in our brain chemistry & increases in our oxidative stress.

In such cases oxidative stress is just one aspect of the problem. You may also be struggling with low serotonin, low dopamine and high adrenaline.

This is a feedback cycle that continues to just feed a cycle of trauma in your body... with oxidative stress, biochemical imbalances and brain inflammation being big drivers.

The Answer.. or at least, the strategy.

Oxidative stress, as we’ve seen, comes about as a result of inflammation. So the question is; what causes inflammation? yes, there are many causes but the predominant cause of inflammation is acidity. It’s obvious, therefore that limiting our metabolic and diet based acidity, maintaining our naturally alkaline body, will support a strategy of reducing inflammation.

Hydration is something so many westerners do not take seriously. And the alkalinity or acidity of the liquids we drink becomes important.. VERY important given the fact that we are about 70% water.

We’ve been enjoying the benefits of drinking natural alkaline water for the last 21 years. In recent years we’ve also had the benefit of molecular hydrogen infused alkaline water. Less than 10 years ago we had no idea of the abilities of molecular hydrogen to support our natural anti-inflammatory function and our natural glutathione antioxidant response.

Both these abilities give a new ability and benefit to the water we drink.

The big takeaway of all this is that a daily regimen that is easy to maintain is going to give the long term support that is obviously necessary to manage our latent trauma.

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