AlkaWay: Achievements and Milestones

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Just some of the innovations and milestones AlkaWay Australia has brought to the alkaline water and water ionizer market:

Going Beyond Electrolysis

  • First to launch natural ionization vs. electric ionization
  • First to reduce wastewater: no wastewater at all vs. 50% waste in electric systems.
  • First to introduce smart O-Dobi hydrogen generation technology
  • First to introduce NASA-derived Virus Guardian filtration: a breakthrough ultra filtration technology.
  • No power needed.
  • First to employ neodymium magnets to enhance and stabilize ionization.
UltraStream with Virus Guardian (TM)

Going Beyond Old Technology

  • The first company to recognise the change from artificial electrically induced ‘alkaline’ water to molecular hydrogen and natural mineral-based alkalinity.
  • First (and only) company to publish H2 comparison testing of our flagship UltraStream natural water ionizer.
  • The first and only company to invest in whole-of-life filter testing and reporting. Showing you what to expect over the lifetime of your UltraStream filter system vs. new filter (Day One) testing.
  • The first company to invest in a complete range of H2 delivery systems including water, inhalation, spray and tablet.

Going beyond the old Filter System Norms’.

  • USA-made filters.
  • First natural ionizer filter capable of handling chloramine, fluoride and heavy metals.
  • First multiple media-bed natural ionizer filter.
  • Onboard (internal) scale inhibiting technology.
  • Unequalled UltraStream filtration technology tested for the equivalent of a year’s family use..
  • First company to incorporate filtration and ionization in one replaceable filter, guaranteeing renewable ‘day one’ performance in filtration, ionization and alkalinizing.
  • First company to offer safe, ceramic valve undersink faucets as an upgrade to your benchtop UltraStream
  • The first water ionizer manufacturer in the world to offer non-electric natural ionization technology.
  • First water ionizer design that addresses the wasted water problem of electric systems.
  • 12,000 systems in people’s homes already.

Independent Testing:


  • The company with the longest history. 21 years.
  • Based in Australia, available in over 50 countries.
  • Reputation based real support; 21 years and thousands of satisfied customers.
  • The only water ionizer company in Australia with a full time team of seven, owned premises and dedicated support team.
  • Here to stay (At last count, 5 AU ionizer companies have failed.)
The Team

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