Mice and Molecular hydrogen.

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Most of our readers will be aware that we simply can’t make any claim of therapeutic effect for anything not duly registered in Australia. So.. we don’t.

We get so many emails and messages with the results of the latest studies into the effects of molecular hydrogen.. but, as we said, we cannot and do not make any claims. Of course, if molecular hydrogen affects mice, that’s another story.

Here’s a paragraph from a study we received this week.

”As for the interaction between H2 and HPA-axis, H2 inhibits the HPA-axis and inflammatory responses to stress. Repeated inhalation of mixed H2-O2 gas [67%:33% (V/V)] significantly decreased both the acute and chronic stress-induced depressive and anxiety-like behaviors of mice, by blocking the stress-induced increase in the serum levels of corticosterone, adrenocorticotropic hormone, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor-α.43 Furthermore, the inhalation of mixed H2-O2 gas in adolescence significantly increased the resilience to acute stress in early adulthood, illustrating the long-lasting effects of H2 on stress resilience in mice. Clinical studies regarding the use of hydrogen therapy against chronic stress will be warranted.”

If you are interested in reading more, here’s the full study. If you want to learn how to access molecular hydrogen, here’s a link to a free simplified introduction.

If you want another couple of mind-blowing quotes from the same study of mice, here they are:

”Regarding H2 on the HPG axis of the endocrine system, H2 in drinking water reversed the fall in brain estrogen level and estrogen receptor-β in female mice within a transgenic Alzheimer’s disease mouse model.60 Alternatively, there is a hypothetical assumption that H2 can influence testosterone production, based on experimental data suggesting testosterone’s dependence on the ROS level. This hypothesis agrees with the usual arguments about H2 as an anti-oxidant and does not yet have experimental evidence.61 There is no report on the use of H2 in obstetrics, except using animal models62,63,64 due to the particular conservatism of this field of medicine. However, O3 has been used in innovative ways, with its reputation as a dangerous oxidizing agent, and O3 therapy has been introduced in obstetrics. Therefore, the beneficial effects of H2 can be expected as well.”


In addition to the abovementioned hormones, drinking water saturated with H2 significantly increases the concentration of ghrelin in blood plasma.65,66,67,68 Drinking water saturated with H2 for 4 days induces the release of ghrelin from the walls of the stomach in mice (Figure 3A, left). An intraperitoneal injection of a competitive inhibitor of the β1-adrenergic receptor, atenolol (10 mg/kg) blocks the increase in ghrelin levels caused by H2 (Figure 3A, right). Ghrelin is a peptide hormone with metabolic and endocrine functions, synthesized by cells in the gastrointestinal tract.69 Ghrelin activates the cells of the anterior pituitary gland and the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus, increasing the level of neuropeptide Y, which stimulates appetite. Ghrelin stimulates growth hormone secretagogue receptor-1a, as one of the growth hormones. Ghrelin is also involved in the regulation of reward, learning and memory processes, the sleep and wake cycle, taste sensations, and glucose metabolism.

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