Telling It Like It Is: The Truth About Water Ionizers.

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Randy Sharpe

The FaceBook group Hydrogen water is coordinated by Randy Sharpe.

It's a wonderful group where you can ask any question about H2 and expect qualified and varied replies and points of view.

Randy makes sure the group remains useful to all, by keeping salespeople from mentioning their products. Good for you, Randy.

Of course, every now and then a newcomer to the group who is also a vendor tries him on. This thread is a great example. I've called the salesman 'vendor' just to avoid embarrassing him. Unfortunately he is echoing many of the myths perpetuated by his supplier, an MLM company.

Visitor: Hello! Does anyone know studies about alkaline ionized water and cystinuria? Thank you.

Randy Sharpe I don't see any H2 research specific to cystinuria.

Visitor: Ok, thanks. I want to know how alkaline ionized water could change the life of a child with cystunuria.

Vendor: Ionized water can help cystinuria if the ph level is a higher level. I can provide you with information on how you can drink water with a ph level of 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 plus the added active hydrogen in your water right from your tap. It will provide you with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. : Disease can not thrive in an alkaline body.

Randy Sharpe: Vendor, you cannot change the pH of your body by drinking alkaline water. The body has multiple pH-homeostatic systems to prevent this from happening. Blood pH must remain in an extremely tight pH range of 7.365 to 7.465.

In addition to this, alkaline water has very low "alkalinity" (ability to buffer acid). If you don't believe this, try adding a small amount of acid to a large volume of alkaline's pH will drop quickly.

Vendor: I actually drink hydrogenated alkaline water with a ph level of 9.5.
Drinking this will balance your ph level and keep it at the appropriate level you need. My water also adds active hydrogen.

Randy Sharpe: Vendor, as far as disease not being able to thrive in an alkaline environment, cancer is a good example of a disease which does thrive in an alkaline environment. In fact, in order to survive and maintain a cellular ph which is alkaline, cancer must excrete the excess acid produced (when switching from oxidative phosphorylation to glycolysis) to the extracellular environment. Otherwise cellular metabolism would cease.

We are very familiar with the work of Otto Warburg here, and have discussed it many times (you may want to search this forum). But, the marketing claims made by water ionizer reps/companies are false. We do have some evidence that dissolved hydrogen in the water may be beneficial, but much more research, including human clinical trials, must be done to verify this.

Vendor: Randy Sharpe I am not talking about dissolved hydrogen. I am talking about active hydrogen. This is what my hydrogen water looks like.

Randy Sharpe: Vendor, "Active" hydrogen (a term we do not use here) typically refers to single hydrogen atoms (H).
They are strong free radicals (a single electron in the 1S orbital position) which, if formed during electrolysis, instantaneously pair-up with another H atom to form H2 gas (the therapeutic agent in the water).
There would be no therapeutic benefit to such a free radical in the body.
The gas you see is undissolved hydrogen gas (dissolved H2 gas is invisible).

Ian: I find it rather funny that now we know the mechanics of how molecular hydrogen is unfused into water, vendors still trot out pictures like this to 'prove' it has high H2 levels. A glass of water with bubbles is a glass of water fast transitioning from water + H2 bubbles to water - H2 bubbles.
Bubbles leave water. Less 'agressive' methods of infusion include PEM membrane and magnesium based systems. These do not produce water like the picture because the H2 is infused into the water. Not in bubbles.

Want to know more? There's plenty on this website.

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